Shipping & Logistics

Where we deliver and where it ships from

Our main warehouse facility is in North Carolina, which is where just about every order ships from. We ship nationwide and to a variety of different locations.


Freight Rates

We work with a network of freight companies to do our best to get the customer the best rate for the delivery of their load.  We often get the freight quote at the time of the estimate, and then revise as needed at the time of delivery.  Freight rates vary throughout the year, and the size of the load is a major factor but we have found that it typically runs $0.40-$0.60/board foot.  Full truckload orders of 10,000 ft or more are the best freight value.  The rates are slightly higher for residential deliveries compared to business deliveries.  A working job site is charged at a business rate.



We work with several local freight companies as well as a trusted broker network.  While the material is in transit, we have a Bill of Lading (BOL) which includes a tracing number, and typically the driver's cell phone number as well. 



The time in transit largely depends on the size of the order, and where it is going.  LTL orders always take longer than dedicated trucks.  We work with the customer to ensure that the drop off time works with their schedule.


How it arrives

Larger timber orders are shipped on a flatbed truck, and anything else will be bundled on a pallete, banded with metal banding and often wrapped.



All deliveries are curbside and there will need to be someone at the job site able to offload the order. The weight varies largely, but we suggest to have a forklift or some piece of equipment that can offload.  The standard truck can be up to 65 ft long, so please let us know if it is delivering to a street which has restrictions on large trucks. 


Arranging Your Own Freight

We absolutely welcome you to arrange your own freight.