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rusted tin

Weather Rusted Tin

Weather Rusted Tin allows for a fusion between rugged, agrarian culture and modern, urban lifestyles. Exposure to the elements through the decades has produced an authentically rusted product with unrivaled character and variety. The natural weathered patina ranges through shades of brown and oranges with each piece having unique and naturally weathered qualities. Clients have been known to use both sides of the metal.

Authentically rusted tin is a rustic product with rustic character.  Such character can include nail holes, dimensional variations, twisting, color and texture variations and other imperfections.  It may require more time to install and result in needing to account for more overage than new metal.

The look, feel and history behind antique, authentically weather rusted tin tells a valuable story about commitment to sustainable design and respect for the past.

Source: Agrarian barns and Agricultural buildings from the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains

Grade:  This material has already stood the test of time and has unmatched stability and durability. 

The authenticity of natural aging and original nail holes cannot be matched by modern machining and distressing techniques. 

Dimensions: 24" wide x 8'-10' lengths. This is a 5-rib product.