The variety of natural textures in hand hewn and rough sawn beams add a simple yet stunning rustic elegance where traditional meets modern. Perfect for timber frame homes or to add aesthetic interest to any ceiling. The principal of truth to materials holds true...

Source: Agrarian barns from the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains or Historical Buildings from the Industrial Age.

Grade:  This material has already stood the test of time and has unmatched stability and durability. 

  • Staining from metal is common. 
  • There will be moderate to frequent knots largely ranging in size from small to large. 
  • High character visibility includes nail holes, mineral stains, cracks and splits, and evidence from previous worm and insect activity.

The authenticity of natural aging, original saw marks and worm/insect holes cannot be matched by modern machining and distressing techniques. 

Hand Hewn
Surface Cleaned
Sawn One Edge
Sawn Two Edges
Sawn Three Edges
Sawn 4 Edges
Kiln Dried

The organic textures and natural warmth felt with hand hewn beams evoke a connection to the past, a simpler time that is hard to resist. A bold and distinctly real rustic style.

Hand Hewn HardwoodsTypically done when sawmills were unavailable or impractical, hand hewing yields a more primitive lumber appearance.  This method required an adze (an axe- like tool with the blade placed perpendicular to the handle) and a broad axe to transform a round tree into a square beam, by hand. The broad axe was used to score the length of tree trunks with evenly spaced notches then the adze was used to knock off the pieces of wood left between each notch. This is what gives hand hewn beams their trademark, checkerboard roughness.  Some beams will display heavier textures or deeper axe marks. This can be attributed to both the species (and its associated hardness) and the original woodworker.

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The variety of natural textures in rough sawn beams add a simple yet stunning rustic elegance where traditional meets modern.

ugh Sawn Reclaimed TimbersRough sawn lumber has been edged and trimmed to size, but not surfaced. Generally this implies that the reclaimed piece was being used as a structural member.  Taken directly from the sawmill, rough sawn beams will exhibit saw markings and texture that is dependent on the mill and time period.  Rough saw marks may be from pit sawing, circular sawing or band sawing.

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Old Growth Pine
Doug Fir
Mixed Hardwoods
Mixed Softwoods

Moisture Content: Our timbers typically leave the warehouse around 10-11%. Antique timber is typically much drier than new wood due to the time it has had to acclimate and dry through the center in it's previous structure. If specific moisture contents are desired we can provide kiln drying for additional cost.

Insect Control: We treat larger wood members in a kiln where we raise the interior temperatures of the wood to the levels recommended by the US Forest Service for insect eradication.

What to Expect: Thicknesses and widths will vary with Hand Hewn timbers with a tolerance of +/-1" for both height and width. Timber is sold by the board foot and full length timbers will be provided. 

"There is strong evidence that high quality timbers can be recovered from salvaged structures. The preliminary studies discussed have shown that these timbers may be stronger than virgin timbers when used in axial compression. They also have the advantage of being dry and stable when erected into a frame." -Suitability of Salvaged Timber in Structural Design, by James Brandon Davis for U.S. Military Academy