Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring & Paneling

The ultimate choice for a truly original floor. Each board undergoes a rigorous restoriation process by the craftsmen at our shop. These reclaimed wood boards are crafted from planks from 18th century colonial America.


The equipment we use makes a huge difference. Our moulder is from the 1920s, and boards are fed one at a time to mill the tongue and groove profile. Although much slower than the modern equipment out there, it is far superior when working with antique wood. Slowing down and taking the time to do it right.

    • Rapid response estimating, within 24 hours or less for most projects.
    • Professional and detailed multi-step sampling process.
    • Detailed product specification sheets with special attention to reclaimed wood characteristics.
    • Lumber inventory stored inside climate controlled warehouse.
    • Rotating inventory of 1 million board feet of material in stock.
    • Great care is taken to eradicate insects from our reclaimed wood products.
    • Regionally specific kiln drying available.



      • Each board goes through a 15 point quality control process.
      • Packages can be milled to order and are responsive to Architect specification.
      • As-is, partially processed, or ready to install material can be provided.
      • Wide planks, long lengths, beveled edges, end matching, and many other options available upon request.
      • Inventory of ready to ship materials available for expedited delivery.
      • Competitive freight rates and nationwide shipping.



      Fine Homebuilding
      100% Authentic Reclaimed Wood. Sourced and manufactured in the United States.