Blue Ridge Barn Wood

Authentic Blue Ridge Barnwood allows for a fusion between rugged, agrarian culture and modern, urban lifestyles. Exposure to the elements through the decades has produced a mixed hardwood siding product with unrivaled character and variety. The natural weathered patina ranges through shades of brown and grays with each board having unique and naturally weathered qualities.

Natural Sepia

Southern Gray

Organic Mosaic

Shabby Chic

The gallery below displays several projects around the country using Revient Blue Ridge Barn Wood.  What truly sets us apart in regards to our barn wood is that we supply hardwoods which are far superior in durability to softwoods.  This material will continue to organically weather throughout it's lifetime; The best solution for a truly maintenance-free siding.  


 “Jim the product we installed in Utah turned out to be one of the most beautiful exteriors we have put on a building in many years…Herbert has some pictures that were taken during construction and they are mind boggling. You may consider this for some marketing or literature because this product merits being introduced on a grander scale than I ever dreamed of. Jim you found a winner and congratulations. Thank you for introducing us to this product it sure turned out better than anyone expected. Once again Thank You from all of us at Richard Joseph Construction.  I am very pleased with the product and it offers a lot more in architectural and design beauty than you can imagine.” - Richard Joseph of Richard Joseph Construction in regards to a commercial project outside of Park City, Utah

Barn wood is a rustic product with rustic character.  Such character can include checking, metal, holes, loose or missing knots, dimensional variations, wane, slight surface rot, gouging, twisting, cupping, color and texture variations and other imperfections.  It may require more time to install and result in needing to account for more overage than new wood. 

The look, feel and history behind the wood tell a valuable story about commitment to sustainable design, respect for the past and protection of the remaining forest lands in America.

Source: Agrarian barns from the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains

Species: Revient typically supplies Authentic Blue Ridge Barnwood packages with a mix of hardwoods species. Several varieties of oak, ash, maple, cherry, popular, beech, birch make up the bulk of most orders. However hickory, gum wood, sassafras, walnut and even chestnut may be included.  We had over 126 commercial varieties of hardwoods in our forest and this rich diversity contributes to the unique character  of Authentic Blue Ridge Barnwood.  Some of the species, like chestnut, are now extinct and are only available from reclaimed sources in our region.  

Grade:  This material has already stood the test of time and has unmatched stability and durability. 
  • Staining from metal is common. 
  • There will be moderate to frequent knots largely ranging in size from small to large. 
  • High character visibility includes nail holes, mineral stains, cracks and splits, and evidence from previous worm and insect activity.

The authenticity of natural aging and worm/insect holes cannot be matched by modern machining and distressing techniques. 

HardnessSome hardwoods (like poplar) are moderately soft but still have great resistance to weathering and will turn gray with time.  White Oak and Hickory are very hard and may weather differently.  The harder woods may require some pre-drilling of nail holes to prevent cracking.  Softer hardwoods will not require pre-drilling.  Nailing and other attachment options will require special consideration, iron nails will rust and turn oak and some other hardwoods black.  Even stainless steel nails will stain some woods.  Generally this slight discoloration is considered an asset that adds to the overall character and patina of the installation.

Most Barnwood after the late 1800’s was sawn with a large circle shaped saw and used right off of the sawmill without planing.  The circle saw left small circular tracks in the faces of the boards and this texture is a critical factor in dating barn wood.  Straight up and down marks indicate a later sawing process called band sawing and in general is an indication that the “barn wood” is simulated and not authentic.  Sometimes we will split thicker circle sawn lumber with a band saw but one face of Blue Ridge Barn Wood will most often have authentic circle sawed markings.  In some cases the circle saw marks may have weathered off of the face.  Random patterning and a variety of textures is a good indication of authenticity in historically significant reclaimed wood.

Thicknesses: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/2"

Widths: Mixed widths of 3-1/4", 5-1/4", 7-1/4". Wider or narrower boards available upon request based on availability.

Lengths: 2'-12'

Milling Options:

  • As-is
  • Planed back with natural edges
  • Planed and Edged
  • Ship lap

Patina Options: Southern Gray, Natural Sepia, Organic Mosaic, Shabby Chic

Acclimation: Allowing the wood to acclimate on the job site for a minimum of several weeks, per your installers recommendation will help avoid additional cupping and warping.  If lower moisture contents are desired we can provide kiln drying for additional cost.

Finishing:  We do not recommend pre-finishing unless specific requirements dictate otherwise. Due to the nature of reclaimed material, it is advantageous to be able to sand the material after installation which is prohibitive with a pre-finished product.

We always strive to send extra material than what was ordered.  In that extra allowance, material may be included that does not quite fit the dimension or patina specification but is intended to give the Buyer as much flexibility as possible.