Milling Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Cutting Allowance

“Overage” or “Cutting” Allowance As a general rule, you should plan to order 10% more material than is needed for the installation. This is because during installation, the length of the boards will be cut […]

Reclaimed Wood Moisture Content

Moisture Content

Revient Reclaimed Wood ships Nationwide, which means we must take into account the different humidity levels across the U.S. in our various markets.  For a very minimal charge, we will kiln dry the material to the […]

Maintaining Wood Floors

Wood Flooring Maintenance Here is a guide on wood flooring maintenance, retrieved from the National Wood Flooring Association. Your installer is the best contact to ask about the maintenance of your floors based on the finish used […]

Hygge: A Cozy Design Trend

We enjoyed reading this article from Mountain Living about a new design trend, Hygge (pronounced “hoogah”).  From Denmark, Hygge is “an ambiance, a sense of togetherness, a warm a fuzzy comfort, not unlike the feeling […]

End grain of old growth timber

Grain Appearance

Every tree produces a unique grain pattern as it grows, the way this grain appears has to do with how a piece of lumber was cut from a log. There are three common face grain […]

embodied energy

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the sum of all the energy required to manufacture and produce any good or service and is useful in determining if “green” products are actually more environmentally friendly because it gauges the […]