The richness is in the ensemble

We have an amazing team, next to none support from our community, and we value everyone who has been with our company at any point in time.  Here is how it all started...

We met in a class to learn and get certified for a NABCEP photo voltaic course.  Allison was finishing her undergraduate at Appalachian State and Jim was dodging retirement.  

Jim has always been a woodworker and grew up in a family owned construction company. He spent many years working in the challenging remote Alaskan school facilities, making him an expert in solving complex logistical problems.  His best talent is to unify a design and construction team to meet shared project goals and complete architecturally sensitive projects within the context of the owners budget and schedule.

This is why he was asked by an old friend to act as an owner's rep in the construction of their new home.  At this time, Allison was well on her way to completing her MBA, and worked alongside Jim in developing a business model to bring the initial inventory of over 1 million board feet to market.

Jim has had two different partners since we have been in business, and Allison constantly by his side - even if it is by phone.The true uniqueness is combining a career of solid real world experience with a young energized apprentice.

When they are not traveling around the country marketing antique wood products together, Jim manages the warehouse operations in North Carolina and Allison manages the sales operations from Oregon.

We continue to learn from each other every day.