We understand the role materials play in defining a space. And the importance of going over the specifications of the materials in detail. Click the below specification sheets to open in PDF format so you can download, print, and include in construction documents.

Chestnut is strong yet relatively light-weight and has a somewhat natural rot resistance alongside a unique and rustic appearance.

The naturally fumed wood has an amazing deep rich bronze color, enhanced grain patterns, and a uniform lightly stained appearance.

Indigenous throughout the Eastern United States and Midwest, Oak was frequently chosen by early settlers and colonialist for applications in which strength, durability and hardness were required.

Exposure to the elements through the decades has produced a mixed hardwood siding product with unrivaled character and variety.

The Mountain Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood flooring creates a mosaic of different rich brown tones and patinas.

This high density wood is hard and heavy and thus extremely wear resistant making maple ideal for high traffic flooring applications.

Naily pine encompasses an original nail pattern that is frequent and organic. There is a mix of wide and tight grain patterns, with knots throughout.

Traditional Antique Mixed Grade encompasses reclaimed pine lumber with moderate heartwood content, harvested from second growth woods.

American Victorian Select Pine encompasses reclaimed pine lumber with high heartwood content, harvested from first and second growth woods.