Revient Quality Control Process

In order to ensure we are delivering a quality product, as specified and sampled, each board goes through our 15 point quality control process.  Once the customer has approved the samples and made a 50% deposit, all relevant information is consolidated on a pull form for the warehouse. This clarifies all customer expectations and ensures quality control.

  1. Material is carefully selected when salvaged from the original structure
  2. Visual de-nailing, end cutting and preliminary sorting by species takes place on site
  3. Pressure washed to rid of surface dirt as needed
  4. Stickered to air dry in climate controlled warehouse
  5. De-nailed with metal detector
    • Pull form and approved samples reviewed by warehouse to determine acceptability of material for order
  6. Treated for insects
    • Kiln-dried if required
  7. Straight line edged
  8. Sorted by widths
  9. Planed or re-sawn to required thickness
  10. Surface cleaned with special nylon brush
  11. Sorted by patina and final scan for embedded metal
    • Photographed for customer approval before final processing
  12. Processed in moulder for back relief cuts, and to profile and surface specification (skip-planed or smooth top).
  13. Square cut ends
    • Final review of order requirements and packing instructions
  14. All material defected based on approved samples and customer expectations
  15. Final visual inspection as palletized, banded and wrapped for storage or shipment.

"In our Reclaimed Wood Business only three things matter. quality, timely performance and price.  We believe that it takes attention to all of these to create VALUE for our customers.  Our 15 point quality control program and a "do it right once" attitude are essential to our ultimate goal of happy repeat customers." -Jim Shepherd, Managing Partner